Make the Most of Your Waste with Baler and Compactor Consumables

If you have a baler or compactor on your premises, you’re no doubt experiencing the benefits of easy, efficient waste handling. You’ll be saving money on disposal costs, keeping waste storage to a minimum and possibly receiving some welcome income from selling on your recyclable material. 

In fact, it’s not unusual for phs Wastekit balers and compactors to save businesses up to 90% on their cardboard and plastic disposal costs, and you don’t have to produce waste on a large scale to benefit from a compactor or baler. What you do need to do is have a good supply of accessories and consumables to ensure that you can make the most of your waste handling equipment. phs Wastekit is able to supply all that you need via our online consumables shop. Simply click and pay for next day delivery (if ordered before 1pm).

phs Wastekit balers and compactors are strong, easy to use and durable – all they need is regular servicing and maintenance, and enough twine, wire, sacks and strapping to help turn cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping into bales or bags for easy transport off your premises to a disposal site or recycling facility.   

These more convenient methods of waste management free up valuable time, so that your staff can be more productive, and space can be better utilised. Make sure you’re prepared with all of the right baler and compactor consumables.

What compactor or baler accessories do I need?

Whichever industry you’re using your compactor or baler in, their function is the same – to make waste plastic or cardboard volume smaller for easier handling and disposal or recycling. Retail, leisure, hospitality and food manufacturing establishments are just a few of the outlets that can all benefit from this better waste management.

You’ll need quality accessories to ensure that your bales and compacted waste is properly secured. The consumables offered in our online shop are suitable for use with all makes of baler or compactor, so you don’t have to have bought or hired your equipment from phs Wastekit to use them. 

Bale Strapping (or banding) is available in various thicknesses for different sizes of balers with breaking strengths relating to the potential size and weight of the bales. Choose from 9mm, with a breaking strength of up to 275kg, most suited to small and medium-sized balers; 13mm with a maximum strength of 380kg for use with medium-sized balers; and 16mm which is capable of holding up to 450kg, and therefore suitable for larger and mill size balers. Each different type of is made from polyester and supplied in a pack of four 500m rolls. That’s 2km of strapping to keep your baler busy and your bales tight and secure!

When you’ve invested in a compactor to reduce disposal costs and reclaim space in your warehouse or stockroom, the last thing you need is inadequate bags that rip or split when the compactor is in action. phs Wastekit Compactor Sacks are available in clear or black, and in varying size and thickness, from 46mu to 90mu. Bought in packs of 100, these heavy-duty compactor sacks can be used for any waste, providing leak-free storage and protection against rodents while awaiting disposal.

Large bales formed in mill size balers require something tougher to strap and tighten. Mill Size Baler Wire does just the job and is available in a choice of finishes. Galvanised baler wire is anti-corrosive and rust-free, ideal for businesses that have strict hygiene standards, such as food manufacturers; the black annealed wire is are more flexible, therefore more user-friendly.

Baling Twine can be used as an alternative to strapping. Once again, phs Wastekit offers different strengths of baling twine, depending on your business’ needs. From our white polypropylene baling twine, in a set of four, 1000m lengths which has a maximum strength of 125kg; orange metal and polypropylene baling twine in four, 500m lengths, capable of holding 220kg; and orange and white polypropylene twine with a braking point of 280kg, which comes in eight 350m lengths. All are easily stored on durable, plastic flanges.


Which tools will I need to secure my compacted or baled waste?

Our Baler Fork can be used with any size or model of baler. It helps to pass the strapping or twine through the bale, from back to front, in order to be securely tied. The baler fork also assists in feeding the strapping or twine back into the machine. No baler operator should be without one.

Once baled, cardboard or plastic can be very heavy but not every business has a forklift truck. Make moving bales easier and safer with a phs Wastekit Bale Trolley. This piece of sturdy handling equipment can help to move bales from small balers, ready for collection by waste operatives or recycling firms.

To keep your waste secure, Wire Ties are the ideal way to seal your compactor sacks. Made from high-quality steel, the wire ties are silver in colour and packed on a bandolier of 1,000. They are easy to use in conjunction with the phs Wastekit Wire Tying Tool an ergonomic, lightweight and durable gadget for ensuring the ties are properly pulled together by inserting the hook into the loop of the ties and pulling. Simple.

When you buy or rent your baler or compactor from phs Watekit, you’ll be advised of exactly which consumables you’ll need so that your business can make the most of more cost-effective waste disposal. If you are unsure on the purpose of any of the phs Wastekit consumables or tools, just pick up the phone or drop us a line and our helpful and friendly team will advise.

Don’t get caught short – ensure that you have all the accessories you need to help you stay a head of the game when it comes to waste disposal and recycling.

And if you haven’t yet experienced the many advantages of a waste compactor or baler, get in touch with our experienced team members at phs Wastekit. We’ll carry out a no-obligation Wastesaving Audit so you can discover the benefits first hand and start making the most of your waste today.

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