About Balers and Compactors

What are balers and compactors?

Put simply, balers and compactors are machines that reduce the volume of your waste and package it in a way that makes it easier to manage.

Balers bundle recyclables, like paper, cardboard and plastics, into bales ready for resale to recycling companies.

green small cardboard baler with a bale of cardboard in front just having being baled

Using a baler can...

  • Provide a new revenue system for your business as many recycling companies will collect and pay you for baled recycled materials like cardboard and plastic
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs by up to 90% as you no longer have to pay for as many waste collections
  • Keep your premise tidier, using less space than bins and ensuring there are no piles of cardboard or plastics in the work environment
  • Increase recycling levels and help you achieve recycling targets
  • Provide you with a quick return on investment

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Compactors compress large amounts of general waste into tight cubes ready for pick up by a waste collector to go to landfill.

phs waste kit employee placing waste plastic inside a green bag compactor

Using a compactor can...

  • Reduce the frequency of your waste collections, saving you up to 90% of your waste disposal costs
  • Reduce the number of bins and space required for your waste
  • Make your waste disposal more manageable
  • Provide you with a quick return on investment

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