How can I reduce my waste disposal costs?

The starting point is to look at your current waste disposal and waste management practices and your business needs.

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We offer a free, no obligation site survey and consultation. One of our experts will visit your premises and assess current practises and provide in depth recommendations and advice on how you could make savings on your waste disposal costs.

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Our baler and compactor machines help businesses to reduce their waste disposal costs by up to 90% by reducing the frequency of waste collections and by potentially providing a new revenue stream from the site of their recycle waste.

We offer a no obligation product trial on any machine, along with full training in how to operate it, so customers can see the savings for themselves before committing to renting or buying.

We guarantee that our machines will save you money on your waste disposal costs.

How can I earn money from my recyclables?

There are recycling companies right across the UK who will pay you for your baled cardboard and plastics. Using a phs Wastekit baler machine to separate, compress and bale together your different recyclables makes them more appealing to these recycling companies who will collect and pay more for recycled waste packaged in this way.

We work with recycling companies across the UK, helping our customers get the best price from their baled recyclables and giving their business a financial boost.

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