Make Savings with Intelligent Waste Solutions

Don’t let your business waste get you down. With phs Wastekit’s industry-leading range of balers and compactors, you can save space and money, putting a smile on your face, as well as creating a safer and more pleasant working environment for your employees.

Our intelligent waste solutions provide cost saving opportunities by reducing labour hours, increasing the space available for storage or retail, and minimising disposal costs. Income can also be generated by sending baled plastic and cardboard waste to a recycling facility.

Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors at phs Wastekit can help you to find the right equipment to help contain your waste, minimising the space required and, where possible, providing a return from recyclables. From bag compactors to large balers, there’s a suitable and efficient baler or compactor for your business, ensuring that you adhere to waste legislation at all times – no matter what your working environment or budget.

Thanks to the use of phs Wastekit balers and compactors, our customers have been able to:

  • Achieve in-house recycling targets
  • Reduce landfill tax
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Keep premises neat and tidy
  • Benefit from an extra revenue stream, in some cases.

Which phs Wastkit Baler or Compactor Can Help My Business?

The 5030 Bag Compactor is the smallest in our range with a tidy footprint of less than 80cm2. Despite its space-saving size, the bag compactor still has a press force of 3 tons - capable of reducing most types of waste with a ratio of up to 10:1. As with the rest of the range, cost savings can be made by downsizing the volume of waste material in your skips, and therefore reducing the number of refuse collections required.

Easy top loading of the bag compactor is achieved thanks to the 50cm aperture located just over a metre from the ground, while the heavy-duty bags (which can be purchased separately from phs Wastekit’s consumables shop) prevent leakage and effectively contain odours.

phs Wastekit’s small baler, the HSM 3100, will hold up to 60 kg of waste. In common with all of our balers and compactors, it’s easy to operate via a digital touchpad and selectable programmes. Full operative training will be carried out during the equipment installation to ensure safe and effective utilisation.

Our medium-sized balers can be used for up to 250 kg of waste with a press force of 25 tons. The easy-to-use HSM 825 Baler is a robust unit, yet is still suitable for areas with limited space, with a footprint of less than 1.7m by 1.3m. Simply load the waste; operate the compactor; tie using strapping available from phs Wastekit’s online shop; and remove the bale, assisted by the easy ejector belt. Chrome plated pistons reduce wear and prolong life, making the unit especially useful in establishments such as schools, hospitals and retailers where small quantities of cardboard may come in large sizes.

What If I Need to Sort Cardboard and Plastic or Have Large Quantities of Waste?

For premises needing to dispose of both plastic and cardboard, the Orwak 5070 Twin Chamber Baler is ideal. With a press force of 3 tons, it can bale up to 50 kg in cardboard and 80 kg in plastic. This top-loading baler provides an efficient way of separating waste for the likes of medium to large manufacturers, retail outlets, food manufacturers and wholesalers.

For up to 500 kg of cardboard waste, phs Wastekit can supply the HSM 1160 Baler. The unit is super-efficient with a press force of 55 tons, making it the perfect solution for businesses with high volumes of waste, such as wholesalers, large manufacturers and print businesses. Larger bales may require stronger material to contain so, as well as strapping, you can find galvanised baling wire in our online shop.

Warnings via the digital display will alert the operator to any faults with the loading, which is facilitated by an automatic door. Anti-vibration pads reduce the noise during the 25 seconds it takes to create these mill-sized bales.

Any one of the phs Wastekit balers or compactors will provide you with efficient waste management and help reduce your business’ waste disposal costs. Simply get in touch for a Wastesaving Audit to discover which of our units will best suit your working environment, and start making savings today.

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