Waste not want not - Are you boxing clever?

Whether you shop for enjoyment or out of necessity, most of us visit a retailer of some kind on a daily basis. Of course, if you work in the retail sector, you’ll know this. You’ll also know that helping shoppers to find what they are looking for can be really, REALLY hard work! Boxes and boxes of endless deliveries, unpacking, stacking and in this age of online shopping, often a good deal of repacking again, involving even more boxes.

With so much cardboard flying about, you really do have to box clever!

And it isn’t just cardboard. Plastic packaging can also mount up into unsightly, and possibly dangerous piles that create access problems and fire hazards, or attract vermin. The loss of valuable retail or storage space can have cost implications for lots of businesses, too. Recognising these problems and the pressures to reduce waste, many of the large supermarkets have made efforts to reduce packaging that can also be applied to other retailers.

But a lot of packaging is still unavoidable when consumers demand pristine and untainted products. Far from retailing being enjoyable, many businesses end up waging war on their waste when they really don’t need another challenge to deal with.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, phs Wastekit is here to help you to minimise the time, cost and space dedicated to your cardboard and plastic packaging waste, while also achieving in-house and legal recycling targets. Waste that is correctly disposed of can even generate income to boost your business and put the smile back on your face, in 5 simple steps:

1.     Call the Experts

By minimising the volume of packaging waste that your retail business generates you can also reduce the disposal costs. Less bulk in bins translates to fewer paid waste collections.

phs Wastekit has extensive, UK-wide experience in specifying, supplying and maintaining balers, compactors and waste handling equipment to help contain cardboard and plastic waste. We provide affordable rental options along with flexible service and maintenance plans, all backed up with fast and friendly 24-hour emergency response. 

Call us to request a no-obligation Waste Saving Audit and you’ll never look back. We’ll assess the quantities and types of waste involved, along with the available space and access to your premises. We’ll also sit down with you to discuss how you can reach your legal waste targets and business recycling objectives. Only then will we recommend product and service options suited to your situation.

Because we know what a difference our range of balers and compactors can make, we might even gift you a free product trial so you can try before you buy.

2.     Pick Your Equipment

We’re not expecting you to know exactly which waste disposal equipment you should install – that’s where the experienced phs Wastekit team come in. Following the audit, you’ll be presented with suggested solutions, which will include:

A full range of balers: Different capacities cater for retailers of most sizes with all being suited to cardboard or plastic packaging waste: The relatively dainty V-Press 504 with a baling force of 4 tons and tidy dimensions of 89cm x 79cm enable it to be tucked into the corner of a yard or storage area; while the V-Press 1160 with a press weight of 55 tonnes and a maximum bale weight of 550kg will need twice the space. No matter which baler you choose, you’ll still save space on waste storage.

Multi-chamber balers: Offer the ability to store and compact several different kinds of waste, e.g. cardboard and plastic, in one unit like the 9020 Multi-Chamber Baler. Simply sort waste into the top-loading containers for cardboard compacting into 200kg bales and plastic into 300kg bales.

Small waste compactors: Compact waste to ensure the best use of space in bins or skips. The 5030B Bag Compactor has a dinky footprint, making it suitable for premises with limited space. In contrast, the 4110 Bin Compactor works along with a commercial wheelie bin to maximise the quantity of waste that can be removed in one collection.

You may also need additional handling equipment and consumables to prepare, secure and move the compacted or baled waste. Strapping, wire, twine, sacks and trolleys are available to order from our online shop.

Simply decide which kind of contract you want –  Sale, Scheduled Service, Priority Service or Complete Care Service – then you can get on with looking after your business while you wait for phs Wastekit to deliver and install. All options are flexible and include easy all-in-one payments.

3.     Train Your Staff

Once again, this is something that phs Wastekit has got well under control. Following installation of the compactor or baler by a highly qualified engineer at a time to suit your business, we’ll train designated staff members in its safe and effective use. Operation is simple but we’ll keep an eye on things until all relevant staff got the hang of it.

What’s more, if you need any direction in fulfilling your waste disposal obligations or a reminder of legislation, our helpful advice is just a phone call or a mouse click away.

4.     Cash In On Your Waste

With Landfill Tax being applied to all waste disposed of in this manner, the ideal for your bank balance (as well as the environment) is to increase alternatives, such as recycling. Bales are perfectly formed for collection by recycling firms who will happily receive cardboard or plastic, often paying you to take it away.

Add this remuneration to the time saved by employees who no longer need to fold or compact waste by hand, as well as the reduced rental costs of storage space and/or bins and you’ll soon see the benefits in your business’ bottom line. 

Compactors and balers will also assist your retail business in applying the hierarchy set out in the Waste Management Legislation of 2011 to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover wherever possible before disposal, thereby avoiding any penalties for failing to meet regulations.

With more manageable (and potentially more profitable) waste systems provided by compactors or balers, your retail environment will be more pleasant, and employees will enjoy dedicating less time to cardboard and plastics and more to the general retail environment, especially where sales targets are involved.

Customers will also benefit from a tidier store and better stock management that could arise from the space that is released by creating more compact waste - increasing sales and making the shopping experience happier, all around.

5.     Enjoy

We don’t understand why shoppers should have all of the fun when you’ve put in all of the hard work. Give your retail business and staff a little TLC by discussing compactor and baler options with phs Wastekit. You’ll all soon be benefiting from more space, more time and perhaps a little more cash in your business.

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