How to adapt to the new way of working

Due to social distancing regulations, floorspace is more important than ever.  One area that can be audited to instantly save space is the waste management process that your business uses.

Piled up cardboard boxes and black bags often take up an unnecessary amount of space. However, if this waste was baled or compacted, you could instantly free up floor space and create extra room for social distancing or business expansion.

phs Wastekit offer a range of balers and compactors that can reduce waste volume, create extra floorspace, and save you money.  We have solutions available to suit any size and type of business, from local corner shops to large retail warehouses.

We have already supplied and installed an extensive range of balers and compactors to businesses across the UK and can work with you to choose the most-cost effective solution for your business. For ongoing support, we have a nationwide team of highly qualified engineers who are on hand to undertake regular servicing. We will always ensure your machine is running efficiently and effectively.

What waste solution would suit my business?

phs Wastekit V-Press 504 baler

A compact baler with a footprint of less than one square meter, it can help reduce up to 60kg of cardboard or plastic into bales less than 70cm in height, with a cycle time of less than 30 seconds.

phs Wastekit 5030b Compactor

This in-bag compactor is sturdy, versatile and easy to use. This machine can be used for most types of waste and requires little space, offering high compaction ratio of up to 10:1

phs Wastekit 5070 Multi Chamber Baler

A multi-chamber solution that forms a mini recycling point by using a separate chamber for each type of material, making is easy to sort and compact materials at source.

phs Wastekit 3100 Baler

An easy to use compact baler with adjustable bale size options, perfect for companies that don’t produce large amounts of packaging waste.

Don’t forget to accessorise 

To make the most of your new compactor and baler, we offer a wide range of consumables to help you work at ultimate efficiency. Our full range accessories include, trolleys, twine, wire tires, strapping, and compactor sacks.

Save space, reduce waste

At phs Wastekit, we’ve made it our business to help you adapt to the new normal. Speak directly to one of our waste experts to find out how we can help you save money and space.

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