How to effectively manage increased food manufacturing waste 

The food industry has been busier than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses having to adapt to changing consumer habits while managing increased deliveries.

For food manufacturers this increased demand has resulted in more waste being produced, from general and food waste to recyclable packaging.  This waste is taking up valuable room at a time when additional floorspace is needed to maintain social distancing. 

phs Wastekit offer a wide range of compactors and balers that can help you effectively manage the waste you generate. Our balers easily reduce the volume of waste, saving time and money, whilst keeping the working environment clear and safe for employees.

What solution is right for my business?
The waste management experts at phs Wastekit recommend the following machines for the food manufacturing industry:

CP30 portable compactor

Our CP30 compactor is suitable for general and food waste. This machine is a sealed unit and is prefect where environmental and hygiene requirements are vital. With leak resistant seals, fast cycle time, high volume charge box, our compactors are the perfect choice to minimise your waste costs.

3810 mill size baler

The 3810 is an easy to use machine, allowing large amounts of cardboard and plastic to be compacted efficiently and quickly. This machine can save you time, money and space whilst reducing your waste.


A versatile space minimising compactor for your general waste. This bag compactor is sturdy, versatile and easy to use. The plastic bag can be used for most types of waste and requires little space. This compact machine has a small footprint, offering high compaction ratios up to 10:1.

Free wastesaving audit
We understand that it can be hard to decide what baler or compactor is best suited to your business operations. To help you make an informed decision, the experts at phs Wastekit offer a free, no-obligation, waste saving audit. The business audit includes a consultation and free product trial.

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