phs wastekit 4110 cardboard compactor

4100 Re-Manufactured Compactor

Bin waste can be reduced in volume by up to 8 times with the 4100 Bin Compactor.

Simply wheel the bin into position, use the ergonomic handle to slide the head over the bin and press start. Once the compaction cycle is complete, remove bin. The secure system makes the 4100 one of the safest in-bin compactors on the market.

Easy operation is assisted by the 4100’s safety system which ensures that the bin (up to 1100 litres) is fully secure before compaction. During the process, a plate lifts the bin from the ground so that wheels are protected.


  • Fully guarded and interlocked
  • Fits various bin systems and sizes
  • Wheel-in, wheel-out
  • Compacts up to 8:1
  • Bin lifting plate
  • Standard 230V power supply
  • Suitable for bins 660-1100 litres

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  • Savings on your waste collection
  • Tidier premises
  • Space and time saving
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Bin is protected throughout cycle

Technical Data

  • Press Force - 3 tons
  • Cycle Time - 41 secs
  • Noise Level - 70 db
  • Machine Weight - 550kg
  • Voltage - Single phase, 230V, 50Hz


  • Width - 1342mm (overall)
  • Depth - 1600mm (overall)
  • Height - 2400mm