How can I earn money from my recyclables?

There are recycling companies right across the UK who will pay you for your baled cardboard and plastics. Using a PHS Wastekit baler machine to separate, compress and bale together your different recyclables makes them more appealing to these recycling companies who will collect and pay more for recycled waste packaged in this way.

We work with recycling companies across the UK, helping our customers get the best price from their baled recyclables and giving their business a financial boost.

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Download our Savings PDF for more tips on how to save on your waste disposal costs.

Wastekit Price Indicator

Our price indicator represents an indication of the trending market prices for the current month.

Please note:

The prices below represent the £ per tonne for ex works materials that are collected from site.

Prices indicated are not guaranteed.

These figures are updated monthly. 



Clear and light blue

Coloured Natural Mixed colour
June 70 - 120 35 - 45 290 - 330 120 - 140



  Mixed Papers Cardboard News and pams Over-issues news Sorted office waste Multigrade
June 55 - 75 115 - 130 88 - 98 120 - 128 165 - 175 160 - 168



  Steel cans Aluminium cans Heavy copper

NO 2 copper wire

June 80 - 108 800 - 900 3200 3000
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