phs Wastekit, Cardboard Balers, Recycling Compactors and Baler Accessories

phs wastekit high quality cardboard balers ready for hire

phs Wastekit offers a whole service solution to help businesses reduce the cost of their waste disposal.

Our Wastesaving audit helps you discover what waste disposal savings you can make from our balers and compactors up front, with no cost and no obligation.

Free site survey offers a review of your current waste disposal practises with a free bespoke consultation to see how you can reduce your waste disposal costs and even earn money from recyclable material. If you’re still not convinced, we offer a product trial of the suggested equipment so you can be confident of our recommendations.

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The Whole Solution

Free Wastesaving Audit

A review of your current waste disposal practise and recommend areas where savings can be made

Guaranteed Savings

We guarantee to reduce your waste disposal costs

Quality Balers & Compactors

Providing a high-quality waste handling solution, enabling businesses and organisations across the UK to save money on their waste disposal

Service & Maintenance Plans

Our team of fully qualified and experienced service engineers are spread across the UK, offering fast response times, a range of training, repairs, parts and maintenance services in any region

Earn Money

We work with recycling companies across the UK, helping our customers get the best price from their baled recyclables, giving their business a financial boost

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve your recycling targets and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the frequency of your waste collections