Waste Saving Audit

phs Wastekit can help you make considerable savings in your waste disposal costs, as well as the effort required to handle the waste generated by your business. Contact us today to arrange your free waste saving audit - a comprehensive consultation from industry specialists.

How Does It Work?

Our waste saving audit is designed to give you a clear and concise view of the way your business currently handles its waste disposal. Knowing where your business can make improvements can help you cut waste disposal costs by up to 90%. This is in addition to improving your carbon footprint and saving considerable time.

The waste saving audit has three steps.

Step 1 - The Survey

We begin by scheduling a survey with you, where our fully-trained representatives will pay you a visit to see how your business currently approaches waste disposal. This allows us to get an understanding of how your business operates, as well as what your waste disposal needs are. During this process, we'll take detailed notes, which will ultimately allow us to make more informed recommendations about the right products for you.

Step 2 - The Consultation

Following our survey, we'll consult with you to inform you of our findings. We'll highlight the areas in your business where your current practices are costing you money and time. Not only that, however, we'll also provide you with tailored recommendations from our broad range of products to give you some options to improve. Our recommendations will be made in line with your business needs, as well as your space and budget.

Step 3 - The Trial

We understand if you're not entirely convinced simply by the survey and recommendations, so we offer our customers the opportunity to have a free trial of the baler we've recommended. We have such faith in our products' ability to provide concerted improvements in all aspects related to waste management that our trials are absolutely obligation-free. The results will speak for themselves, better than we ever could.

Making Waste Disposal Easy

We've put considerable effort into every stage of both the design and manufacture of our products to ensure they're as fit for purpose as possible. Durable materials have been used, a stringent approach to quality control has been observed, and impeccable reliability is always the goal.

The balers we provide are highly intuitive to use, which will allow them to fit seamlessly into the way your business currently operates, without the need for employee re-training.

All machines require regular servicing and maintenance, however, to operate as reliably and efficiently as they can. To this end, we offer the benefit of our highly qualified engineers through our three-tier service and maintenance program. We also offer out of hour breakdown response.

All of this means that you're able to keep your machine working reliably, without needing to alter the way you operate your business. That peace of mind is invaluable.

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