How to choose the perfect waste baler or compactor

Industrial waste compactors and balers are an essential part of business waste management. There are distinct differences between the two machines, and each has a number of benefits for companies however large or small.

Minimising waste and looking at sustainable practices in organisations is becoming a critical aspect in everyday operations, so exploring how compactors and balers could work for you may help to save your business money.

Benefits of compactors and balers

  • Save space
  • Free up employee time
  • Reduce Waste
  • Simplify waste management

Waste compactors and balers have different functions and work together to create, can work in harmony as part of your waste disposal process.

What is a waste compactor?

Waste compactors are designed to crush your waste into smaller volumes so you can utilise the space in your waste bins more efficiently. This equipment is ideal for smaller businesses and organisations that have a variety of waste that cannot be segmented, as it minimises the volume to be disposed of. By reducing this amount, a business can save disposal costs over time by reducing landfill tax (which is charged by volume of waste).

Types of compactors:

What is a Baler?

Balers help to reduce contamination of materials and improve an organisation’s recycling efforts. Baling waste is an ideal solution for companies that produce large amounts of waste, reducing the amount of space this rubbish uses in your premises. Many businesses are even making money from selling these on and some can take advantage of generating income for recyclable bundles alongside reduced costs of disposal.

From plastic balers to cardboard balers, these essential pieces of equipment are deal for companies that handle a lot of similar types of waste. Using this machinery allows you to sort waste at the source, and it can be placed into the baler to be compressed in segmented bundles

Choosing the right compactor or baler for your company

Waste balers and compactors are suitable for all sizes of organisation. Considering the space you have available in your premises, and how much waste you generally dispose of, will help you decide on the type of equipment you need.

Whether you’re looking for a small wheelie bin compactor or a large compactor to manage manufacturing waste, there are a number of options suitable for any environment.

Types of baler:

Balers and Compactor Hire: A cost-effective solution

Budget is a significant factor for businesses looking to improve their waste management processes. This cost to your organisation should factor in the overall purchase price and on-going maintenance based on your requirements.

For some companies, rental options may be preferred to manage cash flow. Waste Compactor and Baler rental is a cost-effective way to improve your waste management process. At phs Wastekit, we offer compactor and baler hire options for customers looking to make savings in the long term in both waste management processes and disposal.

Simplify your waste management process

Our  free Waste Saving Audit is designed to give you a clear understanding of the way your business currently handles its waste disposal, while identifying opportunities for improvement and ways to cut costs. The audit will also give you the opportunity to trial our recommended baler solution.

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