Don’t let the rubbish bugs bite!

The Coronavirus Pandemic has heightened the importance of hygiene for every type business. Your employees and customers will be looking to ensure you are doing all you can to create a safe environment. You may have installed hand sanitisers stations and increased cleaning frequency, but have you thought about what could be lurking in your rubbish?

The problem with poor waste management

Poor waste management has many negatives. It wastes money, takes up an unnecessary amount of floor space, and can also be an attractive lair for pests to make their nests.

Any type of rubbish left unkempt and scattered around could attract an array of different creatures including rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, ants, and even wasps! Waste doesn’t necessarily need to be dirty to attract these creatures; it just needs to be badly piled up in a cosy corner of your business.

By using a baler or waste compactor to manage the volume of your waste, you can create a tidy environment that is clean and free from any pests. As well as allowing you to maintain a clean environment, compacting your waste is also one of most efficient ways of reducing a business' costs, helping you to save up to 90% on waste disposal costs.

An easy solution
Many businesses don’t realise that effective waste management is an easy way to create a clean environment while freeing up extra space in their premises.

Using a Baler or Compactor can significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, instantly saving money on landfill costs. By physically reducing the size of your cardboard, plastics and general waste, you will instantly reduce the number of waste collections you need.

phs Wastekit offer a wide range of different size compactors and balers to suit varying needs, allowing you to tidy up your business and reclaim valuable space that can be used to ensure social distancing can be maintained in your premises. 

A range of options:

phs Wastekit V-Press 504 baler

A compact baler with a footprint of less than one square meter, it can help reduce up to 60kg of cardboard or plastic into bales less than 70cm in height, with a cycle time of less than 30 seconds.

phs Wastekit 5030b Compactor

This in-bag compactor is sturdy, versatile and easy to use. This machine can be used for most types of waste and requires little space, offering high compaction ratio of up to 10:1

phs Wastekit 5070 Multi Chamber Baler

A multi-chamber solution that forms a mini recycling point by using a separate chamber for each type of material, making is easy to sort and compact materials at source

phs Wastekit 3100 Baler
An easy to use compact baler with adjustable bale size options, perfect for companies that don’t produce large amounts of packaging waste.

Book your Free Waste Saving Audit 

To identify the best solution for your business, phs Wastekit are offering a free Waste Saving Audit. This audit is designed to give you a clear and concise view of the way your business currently handles its waste disposal, and how this can be improved on. It will identify ways for you to cut costs, save time, and improve your carbon footprint.

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